Dream Realm Storytellers

Dream Realm Storytellers started began as Atılım University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society in Ankara, Turkey. Re-founded by Nil Tibet Cassel, it was a student club with the purpose of organizing in-school events and playing tabletop RPGs. In time, our organization broke its ties with the university and became an independent RPG society, where we opened up ourselves to other people interested in the same culture with us, and organized events such as masquerade parties for Halloween, RPG for Children and Realm Door mini-conventions, and Fantasia Camp camping convention. Now we are transformed into a development studio for RPG content and our mission is made of three pillars: Following our passion by developing RPG content, gathering and guiding others around us and help them follow their passion in development, and increasing the awareness and interest in RPG as both a sub-culture and a business sector in Turkey.

What is ``Evil`` in DnD and Corpus Malicious

Meet the Team

Yasemin Akgul
Concept Writer
Ersin Tütüncüoğlu
Concept Writer

What is Going On?

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