The Seelie vs. Unseelie: Fae Politics in the Feywild


The Feywild is a vibrant and magical realm that mirrors the Material Plane. Yet, its features are more striking, and the feelings it evokes are more intense. The realm is home to sylvan creatures with values and behaviors considered strange by many mortals. The fey and their courts are a fine example of the difference between mortals’ values and theirs.

The Summer Court is ruled by Queen Titania, and the fey that owe allegiance to her are known as the “seelie fey”. The Gloaming Court is ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness, and the fey that owe allegiance to her are known as the “unseelie fey”. To understand them, one should not correlate them with morality. The fey they command could be understood by taking the two opposite seasons into consideration.

One might find peace in the warm summer breeze or choose to take action under the brilliant sunlight. Some might feel more energetic during hot summer days regardless of their motivation. It is common for mortals to associate summer with good values as it drives away the harsh conditions of winter, yet, a stroke of heat might burn down entire forests and the comfort of the sun might make way for predators. 

On the other hand, some find peace in the snow and motivate themselves through the challenges of nature. Some see purity and unity in the scenery blanketed in white, preferring its calmness. It is common for mortals to associate winter with evil as it doesn’t tolerate mistakes and punishes them harshly, yet, the fresh snow might hide your tracks from the enemy and the cold might freeze an impassable river, making way.

The bottom line is the courts aren’t defined through morality, but through mercurial moods of opposite natures and the jealous rivalry of their queens.


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