The Codex of Evil for 5E

Corpus Malicious is a 400-page codex of evil supplement for DND 5th Edition with content for both players and Dungeon Masters

New Rules for Your Table

In order to make evil alignments more meaningful and the effects of evil’s corruption more clear, we are providing Rules of Degenarition.

In addition to the rules of degeneration, you will have rules for vampirism, lycanthropy, making sacrifices and an economy for soul trade.

Evil Ways of Classes

Corpus Malicious has 35 new archetypes for every class in Dungeons and Dragons. The number of archetypes we have is even larger than that of the core books! Each archetype has the theme and flavors for unique, dark approaches to D&D classes. For example, you can be a dark templar, a paladin that is devoted to a dark god from the beginning. Or you can be a warlock who dominates devils and demons rather than obeying them as patrons.

Born to be Evil – Races

With Corpus Malicious you will have 5 new race! You will be able to create your character with uncommon and interesting races, which can be plot materials or quest hooks even on their own. For example, with fallen angel race you can experience what it is like to literally fall from grace, and start a new life with your lessened angelic abilities. With remnant, you can experience shades of undeath by being a character who has died at some point in life but somehow refused to pass away.

The Creatures of Evil – Monsters

For Dungeon Masters who cannot have enough monsters to beat their players, Corpus Malicious have 35 new monsters!

Each of them is unique in their way, along with their detailed description that can fit any setting you play in.

The Faces of Evil – Cults and Villains

We know that evil matters for a good campaign or adventure. So we are providing 15 cults and 25 villains! All of them have their own goals, backstories, practices and more! All of their lore is written universally, suitable for any setting.

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