The Mystery of the Untold Stories

Each month we are providing our patrons with a booklet of 20-30 pages, containing many items for a good adventure in D&D 5E


Silverfort is a village on the east of the Misty Waters. It has a coast on the lake.

Envil’s Archive

This dungeon is an old archive used by Envil. The entrance of this place is through a magical swamp created by Envil times ago.

Blackfury Guardian

When strangers steps into the palace, they awaken to meet them, with their masters fury imbued inside the runes carved onto their stone skin.

What You Will Get?


You will have a geographic region with a theme, that is easily applicable to your own campaigns as well as useable for playing brand new adventures with its own lore!


Interesting NPCs also have a big impact on creating a good campaign. We provide good NPCs in every book!


Your players will have a change to encountered by new monsters! What a chance?!


We know that new magical items with lore create excitement, let the loot begin!

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