What is Svilland?

Svilland is a campaign setting based on the system of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It is a deep-down entertainment media of Scandinavian culture, especially the Viking Age. The realm itself is fiction, but all the assets of the game; politics, history, the pantheon, classes, magical items and monsters are inspired by the Norsemen and their old ways of living. Currently, it includes three kingdoms in a landscape as big as Scandinavia, 46 new class archetypes, 2 new classes, 6 new races, 120 new spells, 100 new magical items, and 40 new monsters. The book will have over 200 pages of content.et.


Kingdoms of Svilland

The whole geography is divided into three kingdoms; Alsvartr, Green Lights of the East, and Nionaem. Each of them has their own way of life, their cultures differ as well as occupations, social class structures, wares, most worshipped deities, and creatures.

Gods of Svilland

Why You Should Try Svilland?

There are many RPG games out there with the themes of Norsemen and Vikings, yet it was not possible to dive deeply into these themes and cultures with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, until now. Under development for the past 6 months, Svilland will be a campaign setting that will make you dive deep into old Scandinavian culture with the fun of DnD.
Compared to other settings, it is of course darker. It has more entangling politics, fear and excitement of various mythological monsters, and a true feeling of role-playing a Viking with mystical or religious aspects, or just the profound brutality. If you like entertainment media on Vikings with all the movies, series and books, you will find yourself immersed in playing the heroes in your favorite interests of the culture.

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